This Independence Day, Declare Your Freedom from Plastic by Choosing Timex Waterbury Ocean Timepieces

Timex is known for its 100% authentic, high-quality timepieces showcasing design and elegance in every watch. Timex is easily the most popular brand if you're looking for a watch or a smartwatch online. What started as the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854 has been a legacy of exquisite timepieces for all. Continuing this legacy, Timex has launched its Waterbury Ocean collection with a make that our environment needs desperately. From waste to wrist With the environment taking a hit from all the years of pollution, we must step toward a cleaner future. It is time we declare freedom from plastic waste in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is what Timex's new Waterbury Ocean collection represents. Our oceans are brimming with plastic waste, and some organizations help clean and use the

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